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I purchased the sleep to live 700 series about 7 months ago the bed is so bulged in on the one side of the bed its getting unbearable to sleep in.We have called sleep to live about a warranty for the mattress a couple times know the last person we talked to admitted they were aware of this problem but was told they couldn't warranty it because we purchased it from a store that was not a authorized dealer to sell there beds and since they were they cut the tags of the bar code on the bed which sound like a common practice.

The store we purchased it from wasn't a little store it was a 20,000 square foot furniture store and had at lest 6 sleep to live models on the floor to chose from unfornantly the store closed and we can no longer deal with them. I never thought when I purchased a mattress that I needed to ask if they were a authorized dealer so I would get the manufacture warranty.

I can see if the mattress was 5 years old but this is less than a year old and it sure was not cheap mattress it was about 1400.I never had a mattress last less than 10 years and know being forced in sleeping on the couch because I don't have another 1400 to purchase a new mattress and the only reason I got one because I have a bad back and had 5 disc fused and was hoping it would make my back feel better instead it's much worse.Why does it matter who sold the bed it still has the date on it so they know when it was made shouldn't that be enough to give me a new bed that will hopefully last 10 years like it should last

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